Chrysoula Roufidou

Originally from Greece, Chrysoula moved to Sweden in 2012.
She holds a Phd in Biology at Stockholm University and is currently looking for a new job, as she has been in maternal leave after her PhD.

I found it really interesting to join a network where other women, both Swedish and non-Swedish,  have common interests and worries as me and are interested in meeting new people. It made me curious that it is a network only for women and one of the main purposes is to integrate in Swedish community.

I hoped that UniFemmes would help me to meet new people, make new friends, expand my network which would contribute to find a new job after my PhD. Meeting people outside Academia was also very important for me.

Thanks to UniFemmes I met new people, experienced new cultures and ways of thinking, shared experiences and expanded my network. It was very important for me to socialize with Swedish people.

A few months after finishing my PhD, I got my first child and I was feeling like I had just moved to Sweden, even though I was already here for 5.5 years. UniFemmes made me feel at home, realizing that I am not alone and that I can have support from other people. Sharing our experiences with each other was so important.

I was very excited to attend the first event. I was only a bit worried whether I could speak Swedish well enough and feel free to express myself in Swedish, but I think it went really well. 

If a good friend moved to Sweden and was on the fence about joining UniFemmes, I would tell her she definitely should! It is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, get tips for life and job in Sweden, and integrate in the society. 

I am looking forward to meeting again the women I got to know at UniFemmes, but also new members and exchange our experiences together with a lunch or fika. Thank you Frida and all the girls for the nice time we share together!

Maria Varshavska

Originally from Ukraine, Maria moved to Sweden in 2017.
She works as a Data Scientist at Scania Group.

I spent a long time at home after moving to Sweden from Ukraine. A year later, I began to attend SFI courses to learn Swedish and realized how much I missed communication with people, other than my family. Therefore, I was excited to join UniFemmes and meet new people.

My hopes were to make new friends and to get some advice about finding a job. And UniFemmes are the people, who were initially unfamiliar to me, but who treated me with great attention, understanding and support. It was incredibly nice! I’m always full of energy after our meetings. The women at UniFemmes gives me the strength and energy to move on and making friends makes me feel more at home in Sweden.

I have already recommended UniFemmes to several of my friends and they joined. 😊 UniFemmes is a community of wonderful women, friendly, curious and bright. Our meetings are always like a support for each other. This is the place to make good friends. And we also have different interesting and useful meetings and lectures dedicated to efficient job-searching in Sweden and to the Swedish social life aspects (about associations, cooperatives, Swedish educational system).

Join UniFemmes, girls! 😊