Our Events

Network activities are often arranged during lunchtime, when we are gathered around a
lunch, picnic or a Swedish “fika”. Sometimes we identify a theme to discuss or one of our members shares her knowledge or learning. Sometimes we just hang out, socialize and enjoy the good company.

The purpose of the lunches is to expand your network and the possibility to create new relationships. Also, to offer support and guidance in an informal way.

We also arrange free webinars and a digital “Swedish café”. Most of the activities online are free of charge. In-person events usually require a small fee for activities when we have lunch or similar.

Our next events:

More info soon..

“Sunday Swedish”

Every Sunday, 10-11 AM

Folkuniversitet, Smedjegatan 9, Västerås

Welcome to “Sunday Swedish” at Folkuniversitet (Smedjegatan 9, Västerås). Don’t be shy – all levels are welcomed! To this event we welcome both foreigner as well as Swedes for a perfect mix. The focus is to have a social and fun time together with others – the practice of Swedish becomes an add on! We have prepared discussions cards for an easy start. Please sign up for this event. Email at frida@unifemmes.se

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