Who We Are

UniFemmes – a women’s integration and career network, is a non-profit association and a social integration network that connects foreign-born women with Swedish women in Sweden. Its main purpose is to provide female job-seekers and newcomers with an amazing network of women who will enhance their chances to find qualified work, friendship and social belonging.

Our Story

When you are new in a country, you often lack the important social context where you feel like you belong and are included in a group of like-minded people. It’s essential for most of us, if not all, to feel that we are a part of the society where we live and work and to have a social life with friends and family. Yet many newcomers reveal how they struggle to build new relationships with Swedes and how hard it is to land their first job. With few Swedish connections it’s difficult to both improve your Swedish and learn and understand the insights of the culture. This can often lead to a sense of exclusion and an unnecessary long path to qualified employment.

That’s the reason why UniFemmes was founded. To support integration by creating a platform which was missing. A place where new and native-born Swedes can connect with one another and develop new genuine relationships with each other.

UniFemmes was founded in 2019. The first network activity was arranged in Täby (a suburb of Stockholm) in April 2019.

Please read about UniFemmes on Mitt i Täby.

Who Can Join

The network is for women (or identifies as such) who are either new in Sweden and looking for a job and/or social network, or an established person with a job and/or social context who wants to help newly arrived women integrate in Sweden. 

Although our in-person events are only currently held in Täby (outside Stockholm) and Västerås, we welcome all women in Sweden to join our online community and participate in digital events.